PERU CRASH  28/03/2017

Some 150 passengers and crew aboard Peruvian Airlines flight P9-112 saw their lives flash before their eyes on 28th March, as their Boeing 737 flight from Lima burst into flames after landing at Jauja airport, 100km east of the Peruvian capital.


DRUNK RUSSIAN 26/01/2017

Former bouncer Simon Johnson was on-board a British Airways flight to Bangkok when he was attacked by an intoxicated, Russian passenger.

HUDSON RIVER 15/01/2009

US Airways flight 1549 taking off from LaGuardia Airport was in the air for less than two minutes when it hit a flock of Canada Geese.



Professional card player Gary Campbell was flying from Edinburgh on his way to a tournament in Utrecht, Holland. Unfortunately air travel across much of Europe had been disrupted by Storm Doris which was raging across the continent with terrifying wind gusts of nearly 100mph.



After 30 hours of training, aviation enthusiast John Merriman takes his first ever solo flight over the Somerset countryside, in his newly purchased microlight. All is going well until he is confronted by a life-or-death emergency…

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