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British Injustice with Raphael Rowe

Crime Documentary / May 2022

British Injustice with Raphael Rowe is a brand-new, gripping two-part series looking at some of the most shocking wrongful convictions in recent British history. For every wrongful conviction there are many victims. The fallout from the original crime ripples through the lives of the victim’s family. For those accused and later absolved, the trauma of false imprisonment has a lasting legacy and many victims of a miscarriage of justice never pick up the pieces of their lives upon their release. So many questions often unanswered and justice for everyone involved, rarely achieved. In this series, Rowe takes a fresh look into two murder cases, each of which resulted in a miscarriage of justice.

Raphael Rowe was wrongfully convicted in 1990 for murder and a series of aggravated robberies as part of the M25 Three. After approximately twelve years in prison, having always maintained his innocence, his conviction along with his two do-defendants, were ruled “unsafe” in July 2000 and he was released. Since his release he has forged a career as an investigative journalist working for the BBC and Netflix.

Episode 1

Rowe delves into the tragic murder of Cardiff newsagent, Phillip Saunders in 1987. Following a police investigation three men were arrested and wrongfully convicted of the popular newsagent’s murder. This resulted in them spending over a decade behind bars before the court of appeal quashed their conviction in 1998. Rowe meets two of the accused and witnesses, first-hand, the devastating effects the wrongful conviction has had on their lives. And for the first time ever, the victim’s sister and nephew break a 36-year silence to share memories of the victims and exclusively reveal some shocking elements of the case.

Episode 2

Rowe travels to Liverpool to discover more about the 1981 murder of betting shop manager, John Suffield in Toxteth. The vicious attack sent shockwaves through the community and two young black men were convicted of the murder. But both men continued to plead their innocence. One suspect, John Kamara, eventually had his conviction quashed after 19 years in prison. Rowe goes in search of what may have led to his wrongful conviction. With access to original court papers and key witness statements that lay undiscovered for years, Rowe re-examines the case and brings fresh scrutiny to the original trial.

Both episodes of British Injustice are available to watch now on Prime Video

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