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Jason and Judi's Feel Good Tool Kit

Podcast / July 2021

A Title Role Production for Audible Originals.

Jason Manford and Judi Love are on a mission to find the best life hacks and sage advice to help you feel good. They’re joined by a host of expert guests who spill the beans – from career gurus and parenting coaches to exercise experts and relationship boffins. Every episode, Jason and Judi probe the professionals for new tips and tricks to add to their feel good toolkit.

All episodes of Jason and Judi's Feel Good Tool Kit are available to listen to on Audible

Some Reviews of Jason & Judi's podcast said:

- "This was something that I had to hear and it was delivered so well. Thought provoking and words to live by."

- "So easy to listen to, so entertaining! Some fantastic tips delivered with a great dose of humour!"

- "enjoyed every episode. love Jason and Judy separately so an absolute dream team together"

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