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The Cruise

Travel Documentary / June 2022

A fun filled 20 part series that looks at life onboard two glitzy, brand-new cruise ships in two of the world’s most stunning locations – the Caribbean and the Med, but this isn’t any typical cruise, it’s a brand-new concept aimed at a new and younger demographic – the wander-lusters and the Instagram selfie takers – these ships are all about fun, adventure and living your best life …. and in this series, we’ll see just what it takes to make ship happen – from all angles, upstairs and downstairs, through its 1500 strong crew and the 2,770 sailors onboard!

These ships are buzzing story factories – over 17 decks, there’s spas, pamper rooms and groomers, a gym, pools with the music pumping with deck side DJ’s, party cabins galore and athletic clubs … and its the only cruise ship in the world to have it’s own tattoo parlour onboard with an ever changing roster of some of the world’s best tattoo artists. And then there’s food and beverages: there’s over 20 restaurants onboard offering everything from fine dining to world inspired food truck experiences, dishing up everything from sushi to tacos and even drag queen brunches! It’s got it’s own totally unique and immersive entertainment schedule, busting to the brim with DJs and ship parties and of course the odd flash mob dance off. There’s epic excursions like trips to Mayan ruins or you could even scuba dive around shipwrecks and sharks if your brave enough! And if thats not enough, it’s got it’s own private and pretty epic beach club in The Bahamas serving up delicious grub and poolside cocktails all set against the backdrop of the bluest waters, sheer white sands and the ultimate party vibe!

So get tuned in to see what life is like at sea for the Crew and Sailors onboard!

Both Series of The Cruise are available to watch now on My5

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