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All Inclusive

Travel Documentary / 2023

All-Inclusive holidays are becoming more popular with Brits. But are they genuinely good value for money? Consumer expert Alexis Conran finds out in this timely investigative series for Channel 5.

Alexis teams up with travel experts to offer insider tips. He also goes head to head with a vacation-ready family to see if he can mirror their trip by doing things independently – and beat them on budget.

As well as attempting to holiday for less, Alexis asks whether some all-in deals are too good to be true. Can featured hotels really give holiday makers a genuine deal without compromising on quality.

All of this and more is explored across episodes;

All Inclusive Is it Really Worth It?
All Inclusive: How do you do it?
All Inclusive: How do they really do It?
& Get the Most out of you All Inclusive Holiday.

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